Art Basics

Bert Boermans
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Basis Beeldende Begrippen & Art Basics
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All forms of art have their own language, expressing emotions, intentions and stories in their own way. In Art Basics you will find all sorts of terms that will help you understand art and talk about art. When you get to know the meaning of the terms you can express your views on art better. You can look at and describe the works in a better way. The terms will also help you with your own artwork. It will become easier to express the intentions of your own work. You will gain insight and become aware of the effects of colours and shapes, of light and shadow, and of materials and techniques.

In Art Basics you will find terms about:

  • art in general;
  • two dimensional art and film;
  • three dimensional art, architecture and design;
  • recognizable features;
  • expressive quality;
  • functional quality;
  • visual elements such as colour, light, form, space and composition;
  • art and culture;
  • the creative process.