stArt. Exploring the arts

Lieke Hammink
Laila van Heiningen
Elisabeth Leenders
Rob Perrée
Rens van Renswoude
Marinus Verkuil
Bovenbouw havo/vwo

The aim of ckv (culturele en kunstzinnige vorming, cultural and artistic education) is to stimulate the active par­ticipation of students in the arts. stArt will help them learn how to look at art, how to study it and how to create it.

This booklet contains two introductions and two modules, each focussed on a single work of art.

stArt. Exploring the arts begins by introducing two of the seven disciplines in the arts: visual arts and new media. Each introduction contains a detailed how­ to on shaping a creative process in the discipline, and a viewing guide.

The first of the two modules is focussed on the Beach Portraits of Rineke Dijkstra. This module offers questions and assignments like: how do you portray yourself in a selfie and how can you portray someone's character in a painting or photograph? The second module focuses on the connection between science and art. Students think about combinations and can make their own art work, inspired by science or nature. The Bone Chair of Joris Laarman Lab is the central work of art in this module. At the bottom of this page you can find a preview of two pages of stArt. Exploring the arts.

The modules in stArt are structured by the four domains in which ckv is divided: Explore, Widen, Deepen and Connect. As the title, Exploring the arts, already suggests, and in accordance with the guidelines for ckv, the main focus of stArt is exploration and research.

This booklet is a sample of the Dutch version of 15 modules. Of course it is possible to use the elaborate manual of the Dutch version for this English translation as well. In it you will find additional background information, additional pictures or movies, and tips and tricks for the lessons and grading.